09 December 2011

Go Allison!

Hey readers! Today, I would like to make an English post. HAHA. Just want to improvise my English, so, if there's any grammatical errors, so Sorry! Okay, Who is Allison? Well, she is the most talented model in the whole wide world! She was the runner-up for Cycle 12 on ANTM (America's Next Top Model). I was so sad because she didn't win. Urggggh! But, I keep supporting her though!

Recently, this year, Tyra held a new cycle of ANTM All Stars which is Cycle 17. And Allison was in it! Yeay!! I feel so excited to watch this cycle. HAHA. But, I can't because I don't have Astro so, I just read online for the new updates. I also visited Allison's FB page for news. Okay, yesterday was the grand finale and how disappointing, she lost. She was the runner-up again -.- Grrrr! I was so mad and tweeted like OMG! So, my hate for Tyra has finally grown. 

She deserve to win!
 Go Allison!
You should have won!
Who is Lisa? 
Okayy, let us know a few thing about her. Shall we? HAHA

Full Name : Allison Elizabeth Harvard
Date of Birth : 8th January 1988
Hobby : Painting <3
Job : Model and Artist
A.K.A : CreepyChan

All my babbling is about her but where is her photos? HAHA. Okay, take a look at some of her strongest pictures. I will tell you that you'll be amazed!


Like she's dancing!

Cover girl shoot!

Twitter Default Picture <3

*Why Tyra? Why? She got the full potential on winning this cycle! 

xoxo Ezlan

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